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WG5 will integrate and avail experimental data emanating from the Action and global field. This will disseminate results widely and sustainable, and inspire and equip the most valuable new studies to expand the coverage of receptors targets and pathways within the field. So far, work on the follow resources have been initiated:

01. Biased ligands in a database of reference probes.

02. An atlas of pathway physiological/therapeutic effects to inform the development of functionally selective probes/drugs.

03. A database of molecular dynamics trajectories to investigate the role of receptor dynamics in ligand-receptor activation and signal transduction.

04. Reference structures and sequence alignments, for GPCRs, G proteins and arrestins.

05. Data-driven tools to design new experiments, such as in vitro mutations to elucidate molecular mechanisms of chemical probes on signalling protein machineries

As the community and data grows, further online data and tools will be tailored together with the research community to define additional joint development-data generation projects and to raise the funding needed.


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