Working Group 3

Molecular Modulators of Signal Transduction

The basic objective of WG3 is the design and optimization of molecules that interact with components of the signal transduction cascade. The design of functionally-selective ligands will be possible through information about relevant receptor conformations or residues provided by WG1 and WG2. WG3 works closely with WG4 (advanced technologies and methods) to develop chemical probes to be used to investigate cell signalling mechanisms (cf. WG1 and WG2) and to facilitate high-resolution structural analysis of GPCR complexes.

We are specifically focusing on the design, synthesis and characterisation of molecular modulators, including small molecules, peptides and peptidomimetics that target specific proteins, protein conformations or signalling pathways. These tools might help understanding the molecular mechanism of signal transduction cascade that supports developing functionally selective therapeutics.



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COST Action CA18133

All cells face the vital challenge of sensing their environments and responding in appropriate ways. How are different signalling pathways activated and modulated in precise and reproducible ways? Filling this gap in knowledge is absolutely necessary to advance the next generation of pharmaceutical drugs.

COST Action

COST Action

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