Mapping Group Online Symposium 15 Dec 2021

The Mapping Group Online Symposium will take place on December 15, 2021. This one-day event focuses on the core goal of ERNEST, the holistic multidimensional signalling map. Well-known speakers will introduce you to some fundamental ideas underlying this approach, followed by an afternoon discussion round for collective brainstorming. Every signal transduction researcher is welcome…

Register now for the 5th ERNEST Meeting

The 5th ERNEST Meeting, Bridging Perspectives and Networking in Signal Transduction Research, will take place in Bari, Italy on October 4-6, 2021. We plan to host around 50 on-site participants (if the pandemic situation allows). In any case, the meeting will be live-streamed so that everyone around the world can take…

SAVE THE DATE: 5th ERNEST Meeting in Bari, Italy (hybrid format) October 4-6, 2021

Our Action’s next General Meeting is planned to take place October 4-6 in Bari, Italy for 50+ on-site participants and live-streamed for virtual participation (hybrid format). The Meeting will be held in conjunction with a Signal Transduction Mapping Workshop on October 7-8, also in hybrid format, that will focus on…


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COST Action CA18133

All cells face the vital challenge of sensing their environments and responding in appropriate ways. How are different signalling pathways activated and modulated in precise and reproducible ways? Filling this gap in knowledge is absolutely necessary to advance the next generation of pharmaceutical drugs.

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COST Action

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