Management Committee

CountryFirst NameLast NamePositionEmailInstitution
DEMarthaSommerMC ChairISAR Bioscience
ALMalvinaHoxhaMC MemberCatholic University Our Lady of Good Counsel
ATChristianGruberMC MemberMedical University of Vienna
ATMarkusMuttenthalerMC MemberUniversity of Vienna
BADariaLerMC MemberEUROFARM Health Care, Group Member of ASA Group
BAMirzaSuljagicMC MemberInternational University of Sarajevo
BEJozefVanden BroeckMC MemberUniversity of Leuven (KU Leuven)
BEJulienHansonMC MemberUniversity of Liège
BGEkaterinaVachkovaMC MemberTrakia University
BGNataliaGrigorovaMC MemberTrakia University
CHGebhardSchertlerMC MemberPaul Scherrer Institut
CHChristophKlenkMC MemberUniversity of Zurich
CZAlexeyBondarMC MemberCenter for Nanobiology
CZJosefLazarMC MemberInstitute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry CAS
DEAntonellaDi PizioMC MemberLeibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology at TUM
DEAndreasBockMC MemberMax‐Delbrück‐Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC)
DKMetteRosenkildeMC MemberUniversity of Copenhagen
DKAlbert J.KooistraMC MemberUniversity of Copenhagen
EEAgoRinkenMC MemberInstitute of Chemistry
ELKostasIatrouMC MemberNational Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos"
ELZafiroula-IroGEORGOUSSIMC MemberNational Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos"
ESJanaSelentMC Vice-ChairGRIB - Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics
ESEddySoteloMC MemberUniversity of Santiago de Compostela
FIHenriXhaardMC MemberUniversity of Helsinki
FIJyrkiKukkonenMC MemberUniversity of Helsinki
FRHélèneCastelMC MemberInserm U1239
FRJulieDamMC MemberInstitut Cochin
HRAndrejaAmbriović-RistovMC MemberRuđer Bošković Institute
HUGyorgy MKeseruMC MemberResearch Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
HULászlóHunyadyMC MemberSemmelweis University
IEMartinCaffreyMC MemberTrinity College Dublin
IEPawelKrawinskiMC MemberTrinity College Dublin
ILMickeyKosloffMC MemberUniversity of Haifa
ILMashaNivMC MemberThe Hebrew University
ITMarcelloLeopoldoMC MemberDipartimento di Farmacia - Scienze del Farmaco
ITMarcoRadiMC MemberUniversità di Parma
LTRimaBudvytyteMC MemberLife Sciences center
LUMartynaSzpakowskaMC MemberLuxembourg Institute of Health
LUAndyChevignéMC MemberLuxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)
LVEgilsStalidzansMC MemberUniversity of Latvia
LVEdijsVaversMC MemberLatvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
MDIuliaRodomanMC MemberPHMI Mother and Child Institute
MDDoinaȚurcanMC MemberInstitute of Mother and Child
MKJasminaDimitrova-ShumkovskaMC MemberSs Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
MTFrancescaCamilleriMC MemberUniversity of Malta
MTVanessaPetroni MagriMC MemberUniversity of Malta
NLAdIJzermanMC MemberLACDR
NLMartineSmitMC MemberVU University Amsterdam
NOIngebrigtSylteMC MemberUiT The Arctic University of Norway
NOFinn OlavLevyMC MemberUniversity of Oslo
PLAndrzejBojarskiMC MemberInstitute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Sciences
PLWieslawa AgnieszkaFogelMC MemberMedical University of Lodz
PTNunoSaraivaMC MemberCBIOS
PTMeriemLamghariMC MemberInstituto de Engnheria Biomedica- INEB
ROAlexandruBABESMC MemberUniversity of Bucharest
ROSorinTunaruMC MemberInstitute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy
RSKatarinaNikolićMC MemberUniversity of Belgrade
RSSilvanaAndrićMC MemberUniversity of Novi Sad
SEJensCarlssonMC MemberStockholm University
SEHugoGutierrez-de-TeranMC MemberUppsala University
SINinaVardjanMC MemberUniversity of Ljubljana
SIMilkaVrecl FazarincMC MemberUniversity of Ljubljana
TRNECLABIRGUL IYISONMC MemberBogazici University
TRİbrahimYamanMC MemberBogazici University
UKAndrewTobinMC MemberUniversity of Glasgow


COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation.

COST Action CA18133

All cells face the vital challenge of sensing their environments and responding in appropriate ways. How are different signalling pathways activated and modulated in precise and reproducible ways? Filling this gap in knowledge is absolutely necessary to advance the next generation of pharmaceutical drugs.

COST Action

COST Action

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